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What is a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Minimalist Wardrobe

The minimalism movement started in the 1960s mainly for the sake of minimalistic art but since then it has become an approach for living a simple lifestyle. The concept of minimalist wardrobe is also the product of a minimalist approach. When your closet is overflowed with clothes, accessories, and shoes, there are fewer chances to wear all of them. The fuller the closet, the stronger the feelings that we have nothing to wear. The minimalist wardrobe contains a limited number of clothes and other items that are versatile and can be repeated multiple times saving time and energy in choosing outfits.

Minimalist wardrobe saves you from hoarding unnecessary clothes by allowing only those pieces that you love to wear. Apart from saving time and money, the minimalist wardrobe boosts personality and thus confidence because all you have in the wardrobe is something you love and comfortably stylish. Also, it reduces waste contributing to keeping the environment safe and cleaner.There is a difference between the Minimalist wardrobe and Capsule wardrobe latter being the subsection of the former. A capsule wardrobe has a limited number of items and you cannot purchase anything before a season ends while minimalist wardrobe is more flexible and can contain as many as clothes as you want but the condition is that the pieces should be the one you love to wear and are comfortable.

In order to create a minimalist wardrobe, ask yourself a few questions like what kind of personality you have? What job you are doing? What is the weather in your region?

  • First of all, cut off the extra fats from your wardrobe by throwing away all the items that are not worn. Carefully analyze the whole wardrobe to see and make a list of all that you have. Donate or sell those clothes which you don't wear and are occupying space.
  • Think about your style, your go to colors annd cuts and forget about seasonal trend. Make your personal style by choosing such outfits and acccessories that suits you and are effortlessly glamourous. Create an authentic and unique wardrobe that defines and expresses your unique personality.
  • Sustainable and Ethical apparel may be costly than fast fashion apparel because of the high quality and consideration of the environment and fair wages. If these prices are out of your budget then try thrift stores for second hand clothe shopping. Make plans for shopping during the sales seasons, this way you can get quality products on discount prices.
  • Detergents can damage the fabric and color, so always buy good quality detergents or invest in dry cleaning. If you cannot pay for dry cleaning, then avoid purchasing expensive dresses. Steamers and wooden hangers are good options for preserving the fabric, texture, and color of the outfit. Dress yourself according to your taste and routine.
  • Building a minimalist wardrobe does not mean you have to buy everything new for a fresh start, rather it's about smart and conscious consumption. Creating a capsule wardrobe can help a lot. Keep only those things whose fashion can never fade away and versatile enough to wear on different kinds of occasions.